What we do.

Day to Day Assistance

Are you on the go non-stop? Find that you are forgetting important dates or not completing important tasks, just because it’s just too much? On The Go is able to be on the go with you. With as little as a voice note request via whatsapp, you will be able to get the assistance you need.

For the Home

Juggling home life and professional responsibilities can be overwhelming for the best of us. Make it look easy by simply subscribing to On the Go

Event Assistance

Do you have a busy time ahead trying to plan a special occasion while still keeping your head above water? Let On The Go assistants deal with the arrangements allowing you more time to focus on the decisions that matter.

In our experience in order to meet even half of the modern day requirements for being successful something usually has to give. One person just can’t do it alone and we don’t think you should have to. We can all use a personal assistant in life. Some of us all the time, others every so often.

We have different packages available to suit your pocket and we can build a customised package to fulfil your personal needs.

We offer every client a secure login feature and your monthly subscription premium can be done electronically with your credit card. If checking out online is not your style, we have alternative means available. Leave your details on our contact page and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Our agreements require only a 30 day cancellation notice period so you aren’t tied to us unreasonably as we understand personal situations can change almost as quickly as Cape Town’s weather.

Our Services


but are not

limited to:

  • Reservations
  • Flight bookings
  • Car hire arrangements
  • Meeting and appointment confirmations
  • Messenger and courier services
  • Birthday, anniversary and Christmas reminders and gift ordering/delivery
  • Special event arrangements and organization (weddings/birthdays)
  • Vacation/Holiday planning
  • Corporate and Personal Travel arrangements
  • Vehicle license renewals and reminders
  • Dictation typing
  • Special occasion reminders, gifts and reservations
  • Appointment bookings and scheduling (Doctor’s, dentists, repairmen, salon appointments and clients)
  • Arranging services for your properties, both residential and commercial (handymen, painters, plumbers, tiling etc)
  • Client gift baskets
  • Insurance claim administration
  • Vehicle service bookings and arrangements
  • Manage/Assist property leases on your behalf
  • Internet research (travel destinations, VISA information, recipes etc).
  • Online returns, exchanges and customer service calls.
  • Customized and general reminders
  • Online shopping
  • Special requests