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Terms and Conditions

Under this agreement you enjoy the benefit of having access to remote personal assistance. Your ON THE GO monthly subscription allows you the benefits of having a personal assistant available to you anywhere in RSA during office hours without any of the hassle. Not only can you choose from a range of affordable products to meet your pocket and your needs but you can do so without any of the costs and responsibilities surrounding employment, labour issues, human resources and UIF payments. ON THE GO personal assistance aims to assist and improve the quality of life of the busy individual. Whether that person might be a hard working professional with a demanding career, an entrepreneur who is trying to launch a business or all of us who have their hands full at home, ON THE GO is for anyone who sometimes feels overwhelmed with responsibility and caters for men and women alike.



This agreement provides remote personal assistance for you, the main client, as well as your legal spouse and dependent children (under the age of 18 years) during office hours (08h00 – 17h00) Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.By utilizing your preferred means of communication you can contact us on the details below during office hours for quick and efficient communication with your allocated personal assistant. A personal assistant is a real person who will be allocated to you and your family at sign up, s/he is not automated. S/he will be available to you during office hours to assist with fast turn around times and to answer any questions or queries you may have. Depending on the package you choose, you, together with the abovementioned family members, enjoy remote personal assistance in respect of a specific number of requests per month/per subscription as indicated in the table below. In other words, each family member’s requests add up to fulfill the total number of allocated requests per month. Additional requests over and above the monthly figure indicated in the package will be charged for separately at R100 per additional request. Alternatively you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your package. A client can upgrade their policy at any time by logging into their ON THE GO account online. Should you wish to pay an annual fee upfront you will get one month free, in effect only paying for 11 months and getting the 12th month of service free. Your subscription will renew monthly, provided your subscription fee is received. Should you not use the full number of requests owing to you in a particular month, the balance of requests resets on the 1st of every month, provided yourmonthly subscription is received every 30 days. Requests may not be carried over from one month to another except if you should subscribe with us during the last half of a particular month and not use all the requests available to you during that time. In this case the first month’s number of requests due to you will carry over to the second month but will not carry over thereafter. Should you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so online and we only require a 30 day cancellation notice period during which you will still enjoy the benefits of our services, where after your subscription will lapse. Should a subscription fee not be received monthly, your subscription will lapse. All requests and personal information handled and required by your personal assistant will be kept strictly confidential and securely stored where required. ON THE GO reserves the right to cancel a subscription should a client abuse our product, services or employees and/alternatively repeatedly require us to accept services that are not aligned with being legal or morally responsible.


ON THE GO services are meant to fill the gaps in your life wherever they might, thus we don’t limit the services we provide too narrowly as we will endeavor toassist wherever we can. As a guideline, provided it is LEGAL, MORALLY RESPONSIBLE, CAN BE DEALT WITH REMOTELY AND HANDLED BY A THIRD PARTY we will do it.

Our services include but are not limited to;
– Reservations
– Flight bookings
– Car hire arrangements
– Meeting and appointment confirmations
– Messenger and courier services
– Birthday, anniversary and Christmas reminders and gift ordering/delivery
– Special event arrangements and organization
– Vacation/Holiday planning
– Corporate and Personal Travel arrangements
– Vehicle license renewals and reminders
– Drivers license renewals and reminders
– Dictation typing
– Valentines day reminders, gifts and reservations
– Appointment bookings and scheduling (Doctor’s, dentists, repairmen, salon appointments and clients)
– Arranging services for your properties, both residential and commercial (handymen, painters, plumbers, tiling etc)
– Client gift baskets
– Insurance claim administration
– Vehicle service bookings and arrangements
– Manage/Assist property leases on your behalf
– Internet research (travel destinations, VISA information, recipes etc).
– Online returns, exchanges and customer service calls.
– Customized and general reminders
– Online shopping
– Special requests


Although we endeavor to include all costs in your monthly subscription and to limit any additional and unnecessary disbursements when fulfilling your personal requests, situations might arise where fulfilling your requests might involve services that we charge for separately; in each situation you will be advised in advance and each service will be quoted for separately. All additional payments can be made through our payment gateway online and will reflect on your ON THE GO account balance. Such requests might include the following;

  • Where travelling by our assistants is required to fulfill a request we charge R5/km over and above the monthly subscription fee.
  • International calls are charged for separately over and above the monthly subscription fee.
  • Event co-ordination or travel arrangements for more than 10 people will include an additional 10% service charge (% determined based on the total costs of the arrangements organized by ON THE GO) over and above the monthly subscription fee.
  • Dictation typing of more than 5 pages will be charged at R10 per page from the 6th page onwards over and above the monthly subscription fee.
  • Special requests not capable of being fulfilled remotely will be quoted for separately upon request by the client.
  • Payments in respect of flights, bookings, online shopping and any other request whereby client payment is required to finalize a request will need to reflect in your ON THE GO account online before our personal assistants will make payment to an institution on your behalf. Payments will not be made by ON THE GO and then claimed back from you thereafter.


Our packages are each named after a special personal assistant who has worked closely with us in the past; ZAR per month Requests per month ZAR per additional request

  • Suzi Q Lite R299.00 5 Requests R100
  • Helena Basic R599.00 12 Requests R100
  • Akhona Classic R899.00 20 Request R100
  • Lauren Comprehensive R1499.00 35 Requests R100
  • Lizzy Premium R2499.00 UNLIMITED N/A


Mobile/ Whatsapp/ Instant Messenger: 0714228734
E-mail: info@onthegopa.co.za
Website: www.onthegopa.co.za
Office hours: 08h00 – 17h00 (Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays)