We have unique packages named after special personal assistants who have distinguished themselves in our office in the past. Our packages are designed to suit our clients’ unique needs.

Need help for a short period with a few tasks, or simply need some extra hands with the starting up of your new business; there is an assistant for you. Not sure if these will work for you? Contact us today and we will custom design your very own personal assistant package.

Signing up is as easy as completing your profile, selecting a package and checking out via the cart. You will then receive a welcome mail with all the information you need to begin accessing and making use of your personal assistant. Don’t hesitate, everyone deserves a personal assistant.

If checking out online is not your style, go to our contacts page and send us a message and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The packages are as follows:

Suzi Q Lite

This little package is great for those months where you will find the extra hand helpful. Everyone can benefit from Suzi Q.

R499 per month

Helena Basic

Helena is for those who need just a little extra assistance, whether it’s because your too busy or you just simply forget.

R1199 per month

Akhona Classic

Akhona is great for the people with busier life style than the norm.

R1799 per month

Lauren Comprehensive

Are you finding that work takes up all of your time and you can’t seem to find any time to sort out your personal matters. This is for you.

R2999 per month

Lizzy Premium

This is a very popular package among corporate’s, who find their PA’s wasting a lot of valuable time doing things that could easily be outsourced and handled externally at minimal costs.

Customize a Package To Suit Your Small Business Needs