Saving time through the art of delegation.
By SD Morris

In today’s fast-paced, adrenaline-pumped, instant gratification world, where 3.8 seconds is the difference between a Formula One World Championship and 2nd place, it’s no wonder one finds it increasingly difficult to save time, balance business, family, health & social commitments without losing one’s head.

Getting through mundane tasks in a single day is proving increasingly difficult and while hundreds of new time saving gadgets are being released each year, 24-hours still does not seem like enough time to get everything done. In an attempt to stay ahead of the pack, climb the corporate ladder, build your entrepreneurial empire & spend time with your family, its clear one person can’t do it alone and you shouldn’t have to. We could all use a personal assistant in life. Some of us all the time, others every so often – Why not delegate?

You’ve heard the expression “Behind every great man, there is a great woman” – well how about five?

Personal Assistant PackagesNo company handles your affairs quite like On The Go PA. This team of skilled virtual personal assistants are available at a touch of a button and will tackle any given task with such ease and professionalism; you’ll wonder how you ever did life without them – If Harvey Specter didn’t have Donna Paulsen, he’d be calling On The Go Pa.

A few mentionable time-saving services:

  • Corporate and personal travel bookings, car hire.
  • Business Administration
  • Insurance Claim administration
  • Special event planning (wedding, birthday, anniversary)
  • Appointment bookings and scheduling (doctors, dentist, salon)
  • Messenger and courier service
  • Birthday, anniversary, Christmas reminders & gift ordering/delivery

On the Go PA  have a range of affordable packages to suit your unique needs and budget – from The Suzy Q Lite Package (R299) which allows 5 requests to The Lizzy Premium Package (R2499) whereby you have unlimited requests  and secure online access, your assistant is notified and set to the task immediately with a simple text, call, voice note or email. If checking in online is not your style, simply leave your details on their contact page and they will be in touch within 24 hours.

In short,the best approach when you want to get ahead in life is not working harder, but smarter by delegating all those tasks, events & planning to a professional team who will get it done you, leaving you free to rise to higher, stress free heights.

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