The secret to save time and get things done, is by having someone else to do it for you.

By SD Morris

Ever found that the more balls you try to juggle, the harder it is to keep them all in the air and sooner or later you are mostly likely going to drop one. In the 2011 hit romantic comedy “I don’t know how she does it” #SJP character describes how instead of sleeping she does, THE LIST…

  • Take the kids to school.
  • Keep your head above water at work.
  • Spend more time with my husband.
  • Kids bake sale, lights and birthday party.
  • Budget reports and proposals due end of the week
  • Confirm flight bookings and follow up on visa progress

She could be getting much needed rest, but instead a million things are running through her mind. It’s humorous look at how to keep your life together, without losing it.

Your day to day life might not be as chaotic (and hats off to you if it is and you haven’t lost the plot yet) but we all, especially as women, have THE LIST of important daily tasks we need to get done.

We mentally tick off each task once complete, but by the end of the day, the list has somehow doubled and a slight sense of guilt creeps in when something on that list is omitted and gets moved to the next day and the next.

Well, the secret to getting things done without the list, is getting someone else to do it for you. It’s really that simple!

Why not enlist a professional team of virtual personal assistants to get things done for you, on time and with ease – give them your list.

On The Go Personal Assistance services offers you your own affordable personal assistant with all the convenience but none of the hassle. Your assistant is notified and set to the task immediately with a simple text, call, voice note or email. Whether you need help for a short period with a few tasks, planning an event, booking flights or simply need an extra hand with your business administration, friendly, qualified assistants get things done while you keep on juggling a successful career, family & social life.

They have a range of affordable packages to suit your unique needs and budget –  5 winning ladies who will be saving your time and consequently change the way you do life.

From The Suzy Q Lite package (R299) which allows 5 requests to The Lizzy Premium package (R2499) whereby you have unlimited requests, very popular among corporate executives, who find their PA’s wasting a lot of valuable time doing things that could easily be outsourced and handled externally at minimal costs.

Whether you’re a busy mom, career woman or business executive, you can have it all and be it all, without having to do it all.

Leave the juggling to the clowns and most of all leave those around you wondering “How does she do it all?”

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