On The Go..

Busy day, busy week, maybe you’re expecting a busy month, On The Go has the assistant for you. Is your life so chaotic at times that you’re not sure which way to look? Well look to us, and we will help eliminate some of the pressure. For those who just can’t find enough time to get it done. 

“ON THE GO is a South African company designed to be the extra hand you need to cope and excel at life”

On The Go offers you your own affordable personal assistant with all of the instant assistance and convenience but none of the hassle. With a simple text, your assistant is notified and set to the task immediately.

Day to Day Assistance

Are you on the go non-stop? Find that you are forgetting important dates or not completing important tasks, just because it’s just too much? On The Go is able to be on the go with you. With as little as a voice note request via whatsapp, you will be able to get the assistance you need. Read more..

For the Home

Juggling home life and professional responsibilities can be overwhelming for the best of us. Make it look easy by simply subscribing to On the Go. Read more..

Event Assistance

Do you have a busy time ahead trying to plan a special occasion while still keeping your head above water? Let On The Go assistants deal with the arrangements allowing you more time to focus on the decisions that matter.  Read more..

Why our family values our senior citizens

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How to get ahead, without losing your head.

Saving time through the art of delegation. By SD Morris In today’s fast-paced, adrenaline-pumped, instant gratification world, where 3.8 seconds is the difference between a Formula One World Championship and 2nd place, it’s no wonder one finds it increasingly...

5 Winning ways to save time and get things done

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On The GO – Virtual Assistance for YOU

Virtual assistance is a trending topic in business right now. A virtual assistant is someone who performs the tasks traditionally done by an administrative assistant or personal assistant, but they do so remotely. The idea personal assistance from someone online may...

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